MoJo Announcement in the News

We got quite a bit of buzz when we announced the Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership, just over a week ago.

Below are some quick excerpts from some of the stories that have been circulating.

If you’re interested in a fuller listing of our coverage, head over to our wiki, where we’ll be tracking our “clippings.”

GigaOm: “Mozilla Tries to Help News Media Figure Out the Web”

In terms of reach, this story from GigaOm (pictured left) took the cake. We found it tweeted dozens of times and re-posted all over the web.

Silicon Valley Watcher: “Knight And Mozilla Foundations Join To Spur Media Innovation”

For a conversation starter, this piece by Tom Foremski, took the prize.  While broadly positive, Foremski questioned our choice to start out with large news organization partners that have “plenty of their own resources.”

It’s true – we need to figure out how to represent and serve the news ecosystem at large (and small).  Last week, I posted a reply, requesting feedback on how we can go about doing that.  We haven’t seen any public input in the blog comments, but these questions are being discussed, along with a number of other topics (like including public media) at our new, but already vibrant community list serve.

Technology News Report: “News for Digital Journalists”

I liked the opening line from this story:

If technologists and journalists ever needed a matchmaker, they just found a big one. Mozilla, the folks behind the widely used open-source Firefox browser, and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, have launched a multimillion-dollar program to embed 15 technology fellows in newsrooms worldwide to help figure out how to better engage news consumers.

And, finally, it was good to see some coverage in Spanish

Bitelia: Mozilla y Knights Foundation se unen para desarrollar un software de código abierto que salve el periodismo

Which came with this eye-catching graphic…


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